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ECO ANGELS is a concept created by Kate Powers, co-founder of the restaurant and sports bar STARS’N’BARS in Monaco.  A dedicated environmentalist, Kate organizes unofficial “teams” of volunteers each year after major events on the port—-Grand Prix, Yacht Show, Jumping, etc—supporting the local waste authority in picking up plastic debris before it falls into the port. The ECO ANGELS is now the umbrella name for the volunteers who join Kate in her endeavor to reduce plastic pollution.

During the Monaco Yacht Show,  STARSNBARS staff will wear ECO ANGEL t-shirts generously provided by YACHTING PAGES MEDIA GROUP and we will create communications tools to spread the message over those four days including digital press releases, advertising on English speaking Riviera Radio, messages on the 25 television screens in the restaurant as well as displayed in our digital menu by BOOKVIDEO.

Undoubtedly, visitors and exhibitors will see Kate and her team pop up at locations throughout the show reminding everyone that by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight. On Sunday, September 30, volunteer students from the International School of Monaco, will pick up litter on the port from 2h30 til 4 p.m. using special eco-friendly trash bags provided by the Société d’Exploitation des Ports.