Stars'N'Bars Monaco


Eco Hub : our eco-friendly spirit

STARS’N’BARS is committed to preserving our planet’s precious environment and supports the goals of the HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to “promote the sustainable and equitable management of natural resources and place the individual at the center of its projects.

In 2016 Kate and Didier launched  a dynamic community ECOHUB with activities to boost well being  and to learn about our planet as well as offering new diverse food  choices .

Already famous for its celebrity sports collection, STARSNBARS plans to use its spacious and premium location on the port to create an annual calendar of nonstop and diverse public and private events including eco-workshops, conferences on social and environmental issues, food fairs , family street parties, sports competitions  and other community events.  Plans for the new concept also include partnerships with eco-entrepreneurs who will use showcase new technologies in the form of on-site expositions or animations for the public

Everyone today has an obligation to reduce their carbon footprint —-our planet’s life and the lives of our children—depend upon it.  In recent years, STARS’N’BARS has doubled its efforts to reduce its ‘carbon foodprint’ — the environmental cost of rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the food it serves.

The evolution from family restaurant to community eco-hub includes

  •   A diversified menu of homemade dishes that include traditional favourites like hamburgers, steaks and pizzas but with ingredients that are increasingly organic, locally sourced  and include vegan and non-gluten options as well as sustainable meat and fish products.
  • Monacology, STARS’N’BARS’ non-profit association dedicated to raising public awareness about the environment, particularly among children
  • creation of monthly workshops on ecology, personal development, well being and nutrition
  • children’s workshops and games teaching recycling, clean energy and waste reduction
  • the first Monaco-based vegetable garden to serve a restaurant
  • a fleet of electric vehicles, two wheel and four wheel
  • more than ten years of recycling
  • 100% of the restaurant’s electricity provided by renewable energy sources
  • partnerships with government, education and private business to promote wellbeing and protecting the planet.
  • ECO ANGELS, teams of volunteers who pick up plastic litter on the port after major events such as the Grand Prix, Monaco Yacht Show and Jumping.